An Impromptu Picnic

“Are we going to go out when I get home from work?” Lynnette asked as I was stilled shaking off sleep’s cobwebs. “I wasn’t planning to, we’ve got a full weekend,” I said. “OK,” she said. Five minutes later she came back into the room. “Because I’m not going to the gym today,” she said. “Fine, we’ll go out,” I said with my eyes stilled closed.  I was tired, but also dizzy from the roundabout questioning.

1We didn’t plan anything specific so we picked up dinner then looked for a park with picnic benches. There are many parks in Mililani, but not many with picnic benches. Ours was an odyssey that took us to Mililani District Park, across Kamehameha Highway. That’s basically the equivalent of driving into Pearl City or Aiea, but I was cool once I saw those tables. The first four parks had benches or nothing.

2Lynnette works out after work Monday through Thursday. The twins miss her a lot. They shout and scream when she gets home and they swarm her when she sits down on the couch. Avery, I think, misses Lynnette the most. Each morning she wedges herself between Lynnette and Madison as the former makes the latter’s hair. Then, Avery frog splashes onto Cole when Lynnette changes his diaper on the couch. Today at the playground Avery didn’t want to play until Lynnette finished eating and wandered over to where we were. Once Mem showed up on the rubber surface, Avery turned and ran around the area.

3Cole misses Lynnette, too, but he appears less clingy. He sat in Lynnette’s lap for 15 minutes last night as they watched TV together. He didn’t say anything, he just seemed to enjoy leaning into Lynnette for the evening. Cole’s favorite part of any playground is the bridge section. I suspect that he likes the straightaway to run on rather than having to climb something. Today a small dog joined Cole on the bridge and he thought it was the coolest thing.

4As you know, Madison is the slowest eater in the world. Lynnette and the twins ate first. When Lynnette finished, she came over to the playground and I waited another 10 minutes for Madison to finish her sandwich before I returned to the table to eat. I knew Madison would run to the playground as soon as she stuffed the last bite into her mouth. Sure enough, she galloped to the play area and gave me a thumbs up. I asked if she was finished because I wanted to see if she could speak. Nope. She raised her eyebrows twice and I left to eat. Look at this clown.

5Madison earned some play time without the twins so Lynnette and I took the twins on a walk around the park. It’s funny; neither Cole nor Avery wanted to sit in the wagon during dinner – but after 20 minutes of playground, they both decided they wanted in on the wagon and on some milk. These guys.

Pretty good start to the weekend! Now that Madison’s feeling better, we’ll be out of the house more often. Maybe we’ll finally get to the beach next week! My dad bod needs some sun.


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