Water Day at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s!

My parents hooked it up today!

1DCIM100GOPROG0196719.DCIM100GOPROG0076362.They put out two pools and a splash pad in the backyard, once again proving that they love their grandkids more than their kids. “They had just the one pool for the three of us,” I said, loud enough for my parents to hear it. “Yeah, and it wasn’t the biggest or sturdiest, either,” Paul added. Neither of my parents really argued. It’s true. The summer wonderland Al and Karen set out for Mad, Declan, Cole, and Avery was awesome.

I think sometimes Madison forgets that she’s 3 times the size of her brother, sister, and cousin. She jumped back and forth between all 3 water spots, splashing them and some of the adults. I don’t blame her, though. We still haven’t gone to the beach this summer and we’ve only been to the pool once.

We’ve known Cole is a water baby for some time now. Earlier this week he simulated swimming in the middle of a bubble bath; he brought the same technique with him to the backyard today. But, since the water level here was higher than in the tub, he drank a bunch of water before making the adjustment. There’s something hilarious about hearing Cole squeal, then choke, then blow a raspberry, then laugh all after his head slips underwater.

Avery spent the first 5 minutes mimicking Madison by blowing bubbles in the water. She always tries it in the tub, but  -maybe because of the bubble bath or because the water is never that deep – she’s never been this successful. It was as if she learned a new trick and kept going to it. I can totally relate as I have spent the last 15 years destroying my students in GoldenEye on the N64 by playing with proximity mines in the basement.

Thanks, mom and dad, for making the kids’ entire week. I know you just made some renovations, but let us know when you guys put in a proper, permanent pool into the backyard. Thanks in advance!


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