Hello, Pets! Goodbye Gate!

1I played 18 innings of slow-pitch softball in the sweltering heat of Halawa and sweat the entire drive home despite the air conditioner on maximum in the Corolla. I bought 2 McDoubles and a large Coke for lunch and found the rest of my family at the dining room table in the middle of lunch.

3Lynnette took the kids to Ala Moana today for the 1-year anniversary of Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk. Madison, Cole, Avery, and I attended the soft opening last year. Anyway, I was told over lunch (as my body struggled to return to homeostasis an hour after the second game ended) that Madison won fish. “Like fish to eat?” I asked. “No!” Madison said. “Fish!” I was puzzled. “Like real live fish?” I asked. “Yes, live fish,”  Lynnette interjected, saving Madison and me from a ridiculous conversation. “How did she win fish?” I asked. “She won it playing a game,” Lynnette said. “What game is that?” I asked. “It’s the game where you have a net but it’s made out of paper but it dissolves and you have to catch a fish before it dissolves,” she said. “Ooookaaaay,” I said. “Yeah, Madison won two fish!” Lynnette said. “And they even give it to you if you don’t win” Madison said. “What?” I said. “You didn’t win?” Lynnette said. “No, they just gave them to me,” Mad said. I was too tired to fight. But, it should be said, this is what happens when they go out without me. So now we have two new pets, Magikarp (orange) and Gyarados (gold). Yeah. Right.

2A week ago I made the decision to open up the living room and kitchen entirely to Cole and Avery. I only blocked off the area under the dining room table and behind the couch (where are my toys are). That lasted three days before the area behind the barricade became cluttered and nearly impossible to move around in. So I took down the gate completely. I figured they’d never get used to if we didn’t let them roam free.

So now Cole and Avery get into all kinds of nonsense. Both have climbed into their high chairs before meals to make it known that they are hungry. Avery climbed on the back of chair and had it fall down on her – shades of her Uncle Matty. Cole likes to fish utensils out of the dishwasher. The silliest thing, though, is that one or both of them have been shutting down my computer by simply pressing the button at the front of the tower. The first time it happened I sat at my desk and kept clicking the mouse and pressing Enter on the keyboard like a jackass until I finally figured out what had happened.

So, with that, we’ll send Children’s Play Area Gate That I Swore I’d Never Buy for My Kids But Totally Did Anyway and Don’t Regret at All off with honor as we usually do in this blog:


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