That’s More Like It, Summer!

Mama and Papa graciously agreed to watch Cole and Avery so Madison and I could tear up some summer today. This time, the weather actually cooperated!

DCIM100GOPROG0047032.We got to Kaimana Beach and found non-metered parking. Yes! We walked over to find the beach wasn’t crowded at all. Yes! The water was cool and refreshing. Yes! It was a beautiful morning for the beach and I did only the minimal amount of involuntarily looking around for Cole and Avery, but Madison and I got sunburned. “There’s suntan lotion in the car,” I said. “That’s the one we used when we got sunburned last time,” Mad said. “Really? Maybe we just need to rub it in this time,” I said. Well. we sprayed liberally and rubbed it in. It didn’t matter. This suntan lotion is now dead to me. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…sunburn on me.

2We added to the playground tour by finally getting to Paki Playground. Every single time we’ve passed by the park on the way home from the zoo or aquarium or from Pokemon Go-ing, we’ve seen the jungle gym and we’ve seen the swings. Every single time, I’ve said “Oh, we should check that out one day.” Today was that day. We don’t get much time on the swings but it turns out that Madison is finally coordinated and/or strong and/or brave and/or big enough to actually create some momentum on the swings! I could see the uneasiness in her face as she climbed higher and her legs stopped moving. Still, she was game to jump off the swing – though at a low height. These attempts also provided the highlight of the day. During one of her runs, she started to jump off the swing – she got one hand off the chains – but then stopped and fell back into the seat. The swing lurched oddly and she had to stick up one of her legs for balance. Her face was a mixture of fear and confusion. But she smiled and we laughed as soon as she came to a standstill.

3We got lunch from the food court at Ala Moana. It was our second lunch date in as many weeks. We did not have such an emotional conversation as the one that took place last week, but I think that’s partially because the food was better (sorry, Arby’s). Look, there’s something about the spaghetti from the Poi Bowl that I like, even if I can’t explain or tell you what it is. Also, they have $1.85 large Cokes, which is a steal, by the way. Their mac salad isn’t super great, though. It’s the one glaring flaw of their offerings other than the fact that their food tastes so good that it’s impossible that it’s good for any part of me other than my tongue.

4The actual reason we ate at the Ala Moana food court – and the pinnacle of the day as far as Madison was concerned – was to make make our first ever trip inside of Jungle Fun. In all of my life, I had never actually set foot inside of Jungle Fun. I never made it past the yapping, backflipping toy dogs out front. A week or two ago, I made the mistake of showing Madison a snap of the play structure inside of Jungle Fun. I didn’t know (but should have) that it would cost money for Madison to enter this play structure. Well, I hope she got my money’s worth. “It’s waaaaaay bigger than the one at Chuck E. Cheese,” she said. “Is that good?” I asked. “Yeah, but it’s not as good as Thrillit,” she said. “Well, yeah, Thillit is like 10 times the size,” I said. “Yeah. I wanna go to Thrillit again one day,” she said. “I don’t know. It might be 5 or 6 years before we can travel again,” I said. “Yeah,” Mad said, a little bummed. “But by then you’re going to be 14 or 15 and you won’t even want to play in Thrillit anymore,” I said. “Of course I will, dad,” she said. Well, then.


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