It rained overnight and drizzled this morning so I took the twins to the indoor playground at Windward Mall. In a cruel twist of fate and complete waste of gas, neither Cole nor Avery were interested in the playground at all.

1Today was Cole’s turn to be an opihi! He was fine when I put him into the wagon. He was babbling through the mall. As soon as I took him out of the wagon and placed him on the cushioned bench, he started whining. I tried to put him on a few of the structures, but he pulled his feet in like landing gear or as if the floor was lava. Madison got him to play for about 30 seconds before Cole remembered Madison is not me, and he started looking around for me. When he found me, he pointed and shouted. I didn’t even want to sit next to me. I called him an albatross and he didn’t get the reference but I didn’t think he would yet I was hopeful he might… let go of me at some point. He never did until I put him back in the wagon.

2Avery, on the other hand, was looking for a little too much independence. Every time she created a little distance between herself and Madison or I, Avery made a move for the opening of the play area. The first few times she stopped at the mat at the entrance and tapped on it. I assume this had something to do with its visuals and textural change. But then she just started to full-on sprint right or left into the mall. It wasn’t fun to chase her because I was barefoot, too. Then, when I had had enough of that, I tried to put her back into the wagon. She revolted. She stiffened her body out like a board so I couldn’t buckle her in. She screamed at the top of her lungs. Cole began to clamor for more snacks.

In that moment I wanted to leave them both there. I was so angry I felt I could have spontaneously exploded like a human torch flamed with rage. All I could think about was how we saw the H3 town-bound lanes cut down to one backed up all the way down the mountain on our way to the mall. I carried Avery out through the mall and Madison pulled Cole behind me. They were fine by the time we got to the van. They just didn’t want to be in that playground. I wish they would tell me these kinds of things.


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