Madison’s Dolphin Encounter

3Madison met a dolphin at Sea Life Park today. She’s going to tell you all about it. Her words are in her customary pink.

Were you excited to meet a dolphin?
Yeah, I was super-excited.

What was your dolphin’s name?
I forget. Do you remember?

It started with “K”, I think.

Were you scared when you got in the water?
No, but the water was freezing and it smelled like frozen fish.

What was the hardest part of the experience?
Dancing with it.

Why was it hard?
Because you have to hit the water – but not too hard or too soft.

What is it like to kiss a dolphin*?
It feels like someone put a blob of lotion on you cheek and lips. And it also felt good because the dolphin was smooth and he didn’t bite.

Did anything about the dolphin or your session surprise you?
Yeah, how old the dolphin was and how well it was trained. I thought I was going to be with the younger one (dolphin), but it was older than its usual lifespan.

What was your favorite part of the whole experience?
Probably getting a kiss from the dolphin, then looking at Cole and seeing that he wanted to hop into the water with me. The dolphin was really cute and I had a good time.

*When we got home, I scrolled through the pictures of Mad’s time with the dolphin. As we got to the kiss pictures, Lynnette blurted out “EWWW! MADISON’S FIRST KISS WAS WITH A DOLPHIN!!!!!” Madison was stunned. In what can only be described as a rarity, Mad was so shocked that she didn’t even yell anything back. Her face grew bright red and it wore this kind of smirk/scowl that I swear was 95% motification, 3% anger, and 2% concession that Lynnette made a good joke. 


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