Blue Rocks, Yellow Submarine

1Magikarp and Gyarados moved into their new space. Lynnette’s friend had given her one of those fish tank/bug boxes a while back and she brought it up from the garage a couple of days ago. I promised Madison we’d go to a pet store to find one decoration she could put into it. We did that this morning.

I’ve always been amused by watching Madison select things for purchase. Her tastes have always leaned toward the garish. She also still struggles to match clothing by color, print, style, etc. I love watching her eyes explore the shelves. I want so badly to know what the gears in head look like as they grind. Today she picked up a fake rock with neon blue, pink, green, and yellow rubber flowers. She held it in her hand for a few moments before putting it back. I would have gone with the Asian bridge myself, as I grew up with something similar in my family’s fish tank).She eventually went with a yellow submarine that pops off the blue rocks, so great job, Mad.

I asked Madison if she remembered our first fish tank. She does not. Perhaps that’s just as well. For reasons I will never understand, the fish in our tank were pre-conditioned to destroy each other. They all bullied each other until one was left and he died alone. I hope Magikarp and Gyarados fare better than our previous fish.

Cole likes the fish quite a bit. We’ve known about his interest in fish since our first visit to the zoo. He pointed and squealed at the fish swimming around the tunnel in the petting zoo. We can’t take him out of the stroller to look at the fish at Ala Moana because he tries to jump in every single time. Once a day, Cole climbs up on a chair next to the island and watches the fish. Today, he went a little farther. As Madison and I were making preparations to move the fish, Cole took advantage of our inattentiveness. He took Madison’s stylus and shoved it and his fist into the top of the fish vase and began to stir. I don’t think he can smile larger than he did then.

Lynnette pulled him off the chair and washed his hands in the sink. Lynnette hates fish water. She even dolphin water shamed Madison on Sunday. Right before we left the house, I changed Cole’s diaper. He lay there looking up at me. “Son, I’m not going to sit here and pretend you did the right thing by sticking your hand into the fish water,” I said. I put his shorts back on. “But what you’re going to find in life is that you’ll regret more the things you didn’t do than the things you did. And if you’ve been dreaming about sticking your hand into the fish since Mad brought them home, then congratulations,” I said. “Oh my God,” Lynnette scoffed. I high-fived Cole and sent him on his way.


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