Anniversary Weekend 2017: Friday

It’s Anniversary Weekend! We spent Friday night throwing fiscal responsibility to the wind in the name of filling our bellies with delicious food!

5Do you know what my favorite part of Date Night with Lynnette is? It’s every night during the two weeks before Date Night that we spend together in bed looking Yelp on our phones. Each of us spit out restaurant names that are immediately shot down by the other. It’s a sick, sick game that sounds something like this:

“What about ____?”
“They serve Pepsi products.”

“You wanna try ________?”
“It only got two-and-a-half stars and I’m not really impressed with the pictures people posted- WHAT IS THIS?!” *goes silent for 15 seconds, then begins making chewing noises*

One of those responses are mine, the other is Lynnette’s. Think you can tell them apart? Anyway, it goes on like this. But eventually, we settle on a place; this time it as Tokkuri Tei. We chose wisely.

6I put a few pictures of our dinner here eventually, but I want to say a few words on Lynnette first.

She got her eye lashes permed today. She got her eyebrows microbladed a while back. Dude, she is B-R-I-M-M-I-N-G, BRIMMING with confidence right now. She doesn’t wear makeup to work. She didn’t wear makeup to dinner tonight, save for her lipstick, which – it must be said – was on point. Consider this exchange between us over dinner.

Me: The amaebi was $12!
Her: Yeah, but look at what we got!
Me: What?
Her: We got two shrimp heads with the amaebi.
Me: I hardly think that’s-
Her: You never get that with your amaebi.
Me: That’s because we don’t usually go to places that serve ama-
Her: Yes, we do.
Me: No, we-
Her: I just got the whole organism.
Me:..did you just…No, you’re right.

I’m telling you, she’s blooming into a whole different version of herself in her late 20’s. This combination of new eyebrows, eye lashes, and ume soju had her feeling herself. I love Swagger von Lynnettestein.

1234But before I work myself into a shoot, I slow things down and go over our dinner. Lynnette ordered the salmon skin salad because all the people who dropped recommendations on it. It is good. When I asked for seconds, Lynnette tried to shovel a huge pile of it onto my plate. “Whoa,” I said. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “I’m still Phil and that’s still a salad,” I said. She cut down on the salad portion and placed it onto my plate.

The Spider Roll (softshell crab) was delicious, but I gotta be honest. Every time I eat softshell crab, it only serves to remind me about my favorite softshell crab, the one at Mei Sum. I miss you, Crabby. See you soon.

We also got a fried garlic spicy ahi roll which was the most familiar taste of the evening for me. I enjoyed the crunch of the garlic and that creamy texture of the fish. I’m not sophisticated (or wealthy, quite frankly) enough to enjoy really, really good fish, but I can tell the difference between the stuff I usually eat and the stuff I ate tonight. I could feel my heart getting sadder as the food began to slowly disappear from our table.

The sashimi platter was awesome and I was proud of us because we actually chose the perfect size. My instinct is to always order the largest size, but I’ve been with Lynnette for 14 years now, and married for 11. I remember her lessons: There are only 2 adults in our house and when there’s a bunch of different kinds of food, we don’t have to order massive portions. It’s the conditioning of growing up in a house with my dad and two brothers. Food got scarce fast.

A few weeks ago I Googled what the 11-year anniversary gift is. The traditional woman would be gifted steel; and modern woman, however, should be gifted turquoise. Obviously, Lynnette is a modern woman, so I was bummed about not being able to get her a BBQ grill. Then, I looked online for turquoise gifts and nothing looked like her. She doesn’t wear jewelry as often anymore, partially because we don’t go out very often, but more so because she’s got that new-found confidence which obviates the need for flashy baubles. I spent hours trying to come up with a gift for her but never settled on anything. Then, on our way out of the house tonight, I got it. I drove down the main street near our home and said “I have to get something from the gas station,” as I turned into the strip mall. “What?” she said. I walked out with an AUX cable. “What’s this?” she asked. “It’s so you can listen to your podcasts in here (the Corolla),” I said. She was thrilled. So thrilled, that we spent the 40 minute drive into town listening to a story about the raccoons of Guadeloupe. Riveting.

Happy Anniversary Weekend, Love.


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