Anniversary Weekend 2017: Saturday

Ominous gray clouds hung in the Mililani Mauka sky this morning. They threatened my plans for the pool. By 10:30, slivers of blue made themselves known and those small measures of promise were all we needed to load the kids into the van and head to Rec 7.

DCIM100GOPROG0298460.You’d never be able to tell it from her homework, but Madison is capable of simple math. She noted the 1:1 parent/twin ratio and quickly popped a “Can I go now?” as soon as we placed our things at a table. She was gone, man.

Lynnette and I took Cole and Avery too the 18-inch pool and I was surprised by their reversal of behavior. Avery was the water baby today and Cole seemed a little standoffish about the whole thing. When we finally moved over to the big pool (and the sun came out), everyone seemed to chill out a little. Avery loves floating on her back; Cole loves splashing everyone, including himself.

Eventually, Madison found her way back to her family. She played with both her brother and sister, then entertained them by bombing near us and splashing us with huge waves of water. Cole was delighted, even though he couldn’t breathe or see. He invented the hybrid cackle/cough today which means “this is too much fun to stop, even if I might drown.”

Sadly, there are no pictures of Lynnette and/or I today. We left our summer bods back in 2003 when we first started dating, and we were both recovering from a heavy meal the night before. No one needs to see too much of that. Some of the other pictures we do appear in feature strategic placement of toddlers so as to obscure unflattering angles. It’s easier than losing weight.


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