Cole and Avery at 20 Months

The twins are 20 months old yesterday/today. I’ve enjoyed getting closer to them this summer, even though it’s been mostly chaos in our hot hot home.

Cole at 20 Months
Favorite food: fruits and sweets
Favorite toy: shape shorter and shapes
Favorite non-toy toy: Go Pole, long wooden spoons
Mom’s favorite behavior: Cole trying to shaka at the end of the KHON news, clapping during Wheel of Fortune
Dad’s favorite behavior: Every single time he listens to vocal commands
Spirit animal: golden retriever puppy

1Cole’s spirit animal is a golden retriever puppy because he listens enough for us to know he understands what we’re telling him, but he still gets into trouble all the time. For example, he’s recently found joy in taking the soda cans out of the 12-pack boxes. If I catch him and say “put it back”, he’ll actually pick up the cans and place them back in the boxes. If he’s standing on one of the dining room chairs, he knows what it means when I say down – but he hasn’t learned well enough not to climb the damn chairs in the first place. I actually say “good boy” and rub his head when he listens. He’s already ahead of Abby with regards to obedience. Ironically, though, maybe he’s training me. A few days ago, the erstwhile sun god began pulling this stunt where he asks/whines to be picked up, then upon being taken up, points in the direction he wants the adult to move. This might upset me – if he didn’t emotionally manipulate me by patting me on the back with his other hand.

Avery at 20 Months
Favorite food: everything except blueberries and strawberries
Favorite toy: Minnie Mouse plush
Favorite non-toy toy: mama’s old phone, colander
Mom’s favorite behavior: when Avery laughs at random things
Dad’s favorite behavior: when Avery shoves her face in mine and blinks quickly to make eye contact with me
Spirit animal: raccoon

2You’ve probably got a mental image of a raccoon stirring stuff up. Well, just replace that critter with an image of Avery and you’ve nailed it. Avery roams the house like every inch of it belongs to her and consequences don’t exist. Just today when the three kids were cruising in the bedroom I heard Madison shout “Avery! You’re just like Moana but instead of wanting to be in the ocean, you want to be by the nightstand!” She takes things out of the cabinets and draws and leaves them in her wake. As upsetting as this is, she’s too damn cute to be upset at. Tonight Madison rearranged all of the twins’ books on the bookshelf neatly. Soon after, Avery saw them and walked to the bookshelf. She faced the books and laughed. We all turned to look at her. “Don’t do it, Avery!” Madison shouted. Avery cackled, squealed, and clapped her hands. “She’s so happy you fixed her books!” Lynnette said. “Yeah, because she gets to knock them all down!” Madison said. “Noooooo!” a biased Lynnette said. Avery then launched all of the books from the shelf. Sometime in the next week I fully expect Avery to knock over all our trash cans.


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