Legendary Pokemon and a Legendary Big Sister

IMG_0982IMG_0986You may recall my obsession with Pokemon Go last summer. It lasted into the first quarter of the school year, but faded quickly soon after. Even the introduction of second generation Pokemon earlier this year couldn’t get me as excited about the game as I was in those in those first two months when the game was brand new.

This week Lugia and Articuno were made available for capture through gym raids. I was intrigued but didn’t move much to do anything about it. I didn’t think I would get around to it. It seemed kind of complicated. Also, I have the kids during the day.

But I went last night after dinner, and damn it, it was fun. It was great talking story and hanging out with like-minded again. It also probably helped that I caught Lugia on my first attempt.

“Do you want to go hunting for legendaries?” I asked Madison this morning. “Yeah, it’ll get us out of the house and into the AC,” she said. So we loaded Cole and Avery into the van and went looking for Lugia and Articuno. The twins were happy to get out of the housey, , too.

IMG_0972IMG_0974I took the kids to a playground in Makakilo because it’s fenced in. This is a feature vital to maintaining control over Cole and Avery and also my sanity. The highlights of our trip included Avery doing 360s on her belly right there on the final step while trying to figure out how to get down and Cole almost flying out of the spinner. It’s hot in Makakilo. Super-hot.

I caught the two legendaries and I owe it all to Madison. She’s so good with the twins. When we were at a small park in Mililani, she played with both of them and even carried Avery for a spell when she felt like being pampered. Cole climbed up the hill a few times to hang out with me, but appeared to more want to descend the hill while laughing and screaming. She fed them snacks and scolded Cole for trying to enter the tube with dirt and leaves inside of it (yes, Madison does have some Karen Higa in her) I stood on a sidewalk above the play area among other Pokemon hunters, but facing my kids. Soon, there would be a handful of other children, children of other adult Pokemon hunters to join Madison, Cole, and Avery.

Because of her assignment with the twins, Madison didn’t actually get to watch me participate in the gym raid or attempt to capture a Pokemon. We fixed that after dinner. She and I left the house for Mililani Mauka Rec Center 5, where Articuno had been sighted. She cheered loudly when we caught the bird. “Do you want to go again tomorrow,” I asked. “Yeah!” she said. But…um…can we leave the twins with mom again?”


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