Cold Air in the Living Room!

2We finally had the air conditioner in our living room replaced yesterday but things did not go as planned. The unit stalled out on us several times in the afternoon and did not seem to cool the room as deeply or quickly as our old unit. Today, Brian and his great team at Affordable Home AC replaced it and our family spent this afternoon in a bliss, chilly state I had sorely missed. Our summer vacation is nearly over, and that was truly the impetus for finally getting a new unit: we didn’t want to stick Mama and Papa and the twins in the house during the hottest months of the year. So, even though our days are numbered, we’ll be crying about it in cool comfort.

3I would be remiss if I didn’t shout out the “white fan” for shouldering the cooling responsibilities up to this point. True, he was just blowing around warm air, but he tried his best. Some days as I lie on the couch looking for Pokemon raids, the faint breeze provided by the white fan would remind me of my first road trip to Vegas in college. My friend Kevin drove us in his Volvo station wagon and something malfunctioned – either his windows or his ac – ultimately forcing us to drive through the desert with the windows half-open. It was hot, man. . When I bought the white fan on sale from Target, neither I nor it knew it would have to assume the role of alpha-cooler. It wasn’t built for that, but did it anyway. That’s clutch, baby.

1Finally, I need to thank our Whirlpool unit which was amazing for almost a decade. I grew up without air conditioning and early on in our new home, I avoided using it. But then we had guests over and I turned it on and it hummed to life and brought the frost with it. I never wanted to go back. Lynnette would shake her head at me whenever I’d find the flimsiest reason to shut the windows and turn it on. What can I say? The old Whirlpool spoiled me for natural breezes. Cole saw the hole in the wall, then the new unit. He stared at both and pointed. He made some unintelligible noises. Will he despise change like his father? Or is he just as thrilled as I am that we once again have the capability to beat the heat at home? I can be both, I suppose. Thanks, Whirlpool. You were great at your job.

Ordinarily, I’d play Michelle Branch’s “Goodbye to You” as a send off, but the Whirlpool air conditioner has earned the distinction of the first appliance to be inducted into the Higa Household Hall of Fame, and so it has earned this instead:


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