So Long, Summer 2017!

I have work meetings tomorrow and Thursday. I’ll meet my homeroom and take my 20th yearbook photo as a student/faculty member of Damien Memorial School. Time, as they like to say, flies. But honestly, it flies whether or not you’re having a good time, just like this summer.

1This summer was far from ideal but it was better than the last. Last summer Madison and I hand-fed the twins during breakfast and lunch and spent two months inventing sturdier makeshift barricades which were always eventually torn down or worked around by my two favorite raptors. Also, nobody got seriously ill this summer, so it has that going for it.

We ran some errands today, this last day of summer, because although summer ends, life never ever does. I paid for the snacks in this photo; fear not. We found a Coke bottle with Cole’s name on it. Cole and Avery nearly rioted when we passed the ball pit without taking one, and Madison didn’t help, either with her “Look, dad! They (I) really want a ball! It’s only $3!”

24I broke out the pool in the afternoon. After a cloudy morning, the skies smiled down upon us. At the beginning of the summer the twins couldn’t handle much more than 20 minutes in the water before getting cold and asking out. Now? When I ask them if they’re ready to get out, they’ll make some noise that means “no” – even while they’re shivering.

I really have to hand it to Madison. There have been some rough spots this summer, but overall, she’s been a great big sister to Cole and Avery. Did you know she’s strong enough to carry Cole and Avery (one at a time, obviously) up the stairs now? Well, if they let her.

Fittingly, Avery caused a never-before-seen stir this afternoon. Madison got Cole up the stairs and in a diaper without incident, but “without incident” is the antithesis of Avery’s existence. Madison got up two steps before Avery started squirmed. “Just let her go,” I said. “Naked?” Madison squealed. “Why not?” I said. And so this. A bare-assed Avery climbed up our staircase as a bewildered Cole looked on, Madison laughed on, and I took this priceless photo. “What is this business?” Lynnette asked when she viewed the photo. This business, love, is our life.

3I’m not going to lie. Sometimes when I’m washing those highchair trays, sippy cups, and unmovable suction cup plates that move because they’re too big for our highchair trays, I stare out the window at the sky and think about all the things I want to be doing instead: hiking, going to the beach, Pokemon Go-ing. I get frustrated. I know this is not the last summer like this one. Yes, it will be better next year like this one was better than the last, but still. I’m human and I don’t feel the least bit ashamed to say that I have sublimated many of my own personal desires for the sake of the team, in the name of family – and sometimes I wonder when is it going to be my turn? Even though I know that it will likely never come to pass.

Yet, I finally got my tan (at least in the face) that will last me through the middle of August. We got around to fishing. I got to take a ton of pictures of my family. I ate much better than I should have. Somebody massaged me with their feet. I have all three legendary Pokemon. I went to Shirokiya then Mai Tai then Dave and Buster’s then The Republik on a Wednesday night and I managed to function on Thursday. My air conditioner works. Best of all, I’ve got a whole set of new memories with the summer squad.

So long, Summer 2017! Nothing gold can stay.


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