Cole and Avery: Quick Learners

We’re breaking from our regularly scheduled Game of Thrones complaint blog to bring you an update on Cole and Avery.

IMG_0861We enrolled Cole in the MTA’s Tiny Tots program in April and he loves it. Mama Lydia takes Cole to Rec 5 every Tuesday and Thursday where he gets to interact with other children. We felt like that interaction with his peers was the most important thing we could give him right now because who knows what the long-term effects of watching The Rachel Maddow Show with Mama and Papa and Law and Order with me are?

Cole says that he loves playing with all the toys, especially the traditional Little Tikes red car with the yellow roof that we’ve all rested our bellies on and rode down a driveway like we were flying. He also gravitates toward puzzles featuring numbers and letters because he holds deep pride in flexing his knowledge of both groups. Whenever we’re riding in the van and we play Avery’s CD full of kids’ songs, Cole requests the “ABC Song”. “We always listen to that song, Cole!” Madison says with fatigue. “C’mon, Mad,” I say. “It’s the only song he knows all the words to!” Cole excitedly tells us which letter he got to hold in the letter parade. This week it was the letter P, to which I replied, “Like Philip!” To which Cole replied, “No, I like mom.” Brutal.

Cole Boy loves: cucumber maki (from Sushi Bay), letter and numbers, mango, Mom – but not dad, Yo Gabba Gabba, reading, and playing silly games with Madison and me.

IMG_0862The DOE preschool is the best thing that’s ever happened for Avery. She’s learned and grown so much thanks to the personal attention shown to her by her teachers; she’s also benefitted tremendously from the subtle peer pressure of her classmates.

Lynnette told me that she dropped Avery off at school one morning and watch in awe as Avery took off her own shoes, picked them up, then placed them nicely on the shelf outside of the classroom. Avery never does this at home. No. With us, she prefers to take things out, then never put them away. Madison watched the Gravy Boat’s May Day practice and said she was so proud of Avery because she walked to and from the stage calmly and also nailed her performance of “Slippery Fish”. Lynnette is taking Cole to watch the girls perform today while I am at work. I am jealous.

Avery still throws tantrums from time-to-time, but far less frequently. It’s kind of funny – she usually gets bent out of shape over having to put things on – her pull-ups, a shirt, shorts, etc. So when Avery’s teacher sent us this picture of her willingly wearing a paper hat, Lynnette and I were taken aback. It really does look like Avery – just like Madison – saves her very best behavior for school. But at home, she’s really expanded her vocabulary. Just last night Lynnette told me that she overheard Avery scold Cole by saying “Don’t kick your sister”, which is hilarious because I assume she’s just doing a Lynnette impersonation. She asks for “Monkey Charms, please” which is her favorite cereal. Yesterday, Madison, Cole and I were messing around with a beach ball in the living room and the ball spilled some of Avery’s cereal. Avery looked at the bowl, then me, then ran to the couch where Lynnette was and buried her face into Lynnette’s chest. Then she watched as Madison picked up every piece of cereal from the floor. Avery looked really concerned. I thought she was going to cry. But then she turned the situation to her advantage by uttering “More Monkey Charms, please!” and because we all felt guilty, we gave her more. She’s a clever one.

Avery loves: bubble baths, cruising shirtless, pinching my nose super-hard, Muppet Babies, Abby Cadabby, and taking things from Cole then running away.

It’s going to be an interesting summer for the four of us. I asked Madison if she thought we could handle the twins at the beach and she said “no” flatly before the question could even breathe a little. Madison has Damien orientation later, and the twins are just old enough to be bored at home but still troublesome in public. I’m hoping for a lot of playground, some pool time, so much Pokemon Go, and maybe even meaningful games for the Mets. We’ll see you out and about in a few weeks!

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