Avery Rio: Citizen of the Quarter

Avery Rio earned the Citizen of the Quarter Award (just like her big sister) and our entire family attended the school assembly to celebrate Avery and the other award winners.

IMG_2217 2Avery’s teacher arranged for Madison to escort Avery up to the stage to receive her award. It made for a wonderful moment and also a lot of practical sense. There’s no telling what kind of shape Avery’s certificate would have been in by the time she got it to us. Bite marks would not have been totally out of the question; we could have taken bets on the number of pieces it would have come home in. Lynnette, Cole, and I waited patiently for the girls to take the stage.

IMG_2234 2Avery, a true-life badass, decided to plop right down on the stage as soon as she received her award and special pencil. Madison played it pretty cool while her little sister used herself to perform a metaphorical mic drop. Avery’s swagger delighted some of the people in attendance. Awwws and muffled laughter cold be heard throughout the cafeteria and for some reason those sounds caused stress flashbacks to those times in college when I shot my shot and got Mutombo’d softly and…less than softly. ANYWAY, Madison and Avery got off the stage without incident and somehow if Cole can win Citizen of the Quarter some day, that would be incredible for our family.

IMG_2256 2Congratulations, Avery!

Mom and Dad are so proud of you. You’ve grown and learned so much since you started school way back in November! You use your words, you are much more patient and much less volatile. We cannot believe the way that you calmly take your shoes off outside of your classroom, place them on the shelf, then hurry off to class. We love it when you ask us with “please,” and follow up with “thaaaaank you!”. We will celebrate this weekend with chocolate milk, Lucky Charms, and the beach!

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