The Summer So Far: Lots of Icee and Chlorine

IMG_2160Summer’s been pretty good so far. The sun’s been out so the Summer Squad has had many opportunities for our favorite adventures: playgrounds and pools.

Most of the playgrounds we haven’t visited are far away from our home, so that would require a weekend trip so as to avoid traffic on the way home. We’ve been sticking to the tried and true fenced-in playgrounds, then heading over to Target or 7-11 for Icees and Slurpies. Lynnette bought 2 Detective Pikachu cups and we get $.99 refills until the end of the year. Fine investments.

The newest thing, I guess, is that the twins are well-behaved enough for me to take them to the pool with Madison’s help. The pool (and really, any body of water in general) is Avery’s favorite thing in the entire world, so she is incredibly well-behaved if she knows we’re headed to the pool. She lets me put on her swim clothes without trouble; she even stands patiently as I apply sunscreen. When we get to the pool she puts her slippers up on the bench and sits patiently for me to sunscreen Mad and myself before we shower.

DCIM101GOPROG1217079.She was so jazzed the first time we went to the pool last week that she sang “Shwim, shwim, shwim,” the entire way to the rec center. The second time, she sat on the bench, kicked her legs back and forth and said “Wanna go shwim-shwim, guys?” over and over. She’s great. She started putting her head under the water on her own last week. She’s moved on to trying to float. The results have been mixed, but I’m so impressed that she’s trying things out on her own. One of the other things she’s trying out on her own is jumping from the edge of the pool – but not in my direction. She seems to think that it’s a game – and the objective is to jump anywhere I am not. She doesn’t even make eye contact, she climbs the rail, turns, then looks at where I am and flies anywhere else. Other than that, the only trouble she give me is when it’s time to leave. She melts down because I am taking her away from her favorite thing in the world. The process works like this:

  1. I tell Madison and Cole we are going to leave.
  2. Madison and Cole get their towels and all the slippers.
  3. I scoop up Avery and don’t say anything, I just start walking to the exit.
  4. Madison and Cole meet up with us in the parking lot.
  5. Madison gives Avery her milk and I change her.
  6. If Avery falls asleep on the short ride home, it immediately becomes a 5-star day.

DCIM102GOPROG1367543.On the same day that Avery started dipping her head underwater, Cole started falling forward into the shallows of the kiddie pool, using his hands to catch himself. He bravely put his face underwater. Then, he started “flying” around the pool by kicking off the bottom. “I gave you underwater knuckles,” he said. “Are you opening your eyes?” I said. “Yeah,” he said.

The last time Lynnette came with us, she coached Cole into swimming to her from the stairway. It’s about 5 feet and he kicks off, but I give the guy so much credit for attempting to swim when it’s not obvious he knows how but it is obvious that he can’t touch the bottom of the pool.

Side Story: On the day that we took these photos, I jokingly said “Uh-oh, I don’t know if they’re gonna let guys with red shirts into the pool today”. As I drove to the rec center. Only Cole was wearing red. There was a pause. “I’m sorry, guys.” Cole said from the back seat. Lynnette and I laughed. A few moments later, he continued: “I gotta go home and change!” I keep forgetting; one of the ways Cole is so very much like Madison at this age is he takes things extremely literally. “They’re not gonna let me in,” he said as we pulled into the lot. I felt kind of bad. “Well, we might as well ask,” I said. I scanned my MTA card and the person working the desk read off our names. Suffice it to say that I really wish I had my camera on Cole’s face when he heard his name. He’s such a sweet guy.

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