Mem Gets in the Pool!

Like many other of our summer days, we spent the afternoon at the pool. Today, however, Madison and I added a rare ingredient to our swimming stew: Mem!

Two peas in the same pod, yes they are.

Two peas in the same pod, yes they are.

Madison bugged Lynnette to come to the pool with us all morning. “You should have told me earlier, I already put makeup on,” Lynnette said. Madison booed. On our way home from breakfast and errands in Kapolei Lynnette had a change of heart and told Madison she would indeed be coming with us to the pool. My sharp daughter asked the important follow-up question, “Are you and the twins going to come in the water?” Lynnette said she would and Madison cheered. Madison’s sense of a good time has always been tied to the combination of people present at any given event. Her family is not complete without Lynnette AND me AND Abby; Mad considers parties with our extended families are even better than that. It’s not Lynnette’s fault, but I think she underestimates how much her presence means to Mad. Lynnette doesn’t spend alone time with Madison nearly as much as I do. What I know is that no matter how much fun Mad and I have, she’ll always mention how much better things would be if “Mem” were with us. I agree.

Summer is serious business.

Summer is serious business.

Aside from the companionship and seeing my lovely wife in a bikini, the most obvious added benefit to her presence is an additional picture taker! That’s right! No more selfies for Mad and me! This is just a small sampling of the cool stuff Mad and I got up to today. The highlight is at the bottom of this entry. But like I said, Mad loves when Lynnette comes along because it provides her the opportunity to show her mem all of the things she’s been working on throughout the year and during the summer. Madison wanted to show Lynnette how easily she can do a backflip in the water. To make her point Mad climbed on Lynnette’s back, kicked off of Lynnette’s pregnancy buns (now with even more buoyancy!), and executed a perfect backflip underwater. “She’s already a better swimmer than you,” Lynnette said to me. “Long time ago,” I replied.

Obligatory family shot.

Obligatory family shot.


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