Cole at 6 Months

Cole Joseph is 6 months old today. That’s half a year. That’s insane. The next time I write one of these monthly updates on the twins, it’ll be summer. That doesn’t seem possible. None of this does.

2Cole spent the past three months participating in physical therapy twice a week for his neck and shoulders. There was a time when we were worried that there might be some long-term effects of Avery sitting on his head while in the womb. Cole’s managed to surprise all of us by figuring out how to commando crawl – moving by use of his upper body only –  before Avery. I posted a video to Facebook a couple of days ago. We first noticed how quickly Cole could do this on Saturday night when Tanya brought out some of Declan’s toys for all three of the babies to play with. It appeared as if Cole hydroplaned toward the new toys. I’d never seen him move that fast in my or his entire life. We’re weeks away from resurrecting the baby gate. I’ve been dreading that day ever since we confirmed Lynnette’s pregnancy.

1Lynnette continues to call Cole her  “sweet boy” and I can’t really argue it. His laughter is my second favorite thing about him. My favorite thing about him is the way he raises his right arm to wrap it around my neck. This moves sends laser beams directly into my heart.

He’s a chill guy most of the time, unless he’s hungry or exploring the topography of his scrotum while taking a bath or fighting his sleep. And there is of course, the Rule #1 in this house inspired by Cole’s sleeping habits: DON’T WAKE COLE FROM HIS NAP. He is a rage monster with a fu manchu on the sides of his head if roused from his nap and bottle does not immediately follow. I mean, I suppose that’s more than fair, as I believe I expect the same things in my own life.

Cole is a great guy, but he does one thing that seems a little malicious, you know, as malicious as a 6-month old can be. We set both of them up for tummy and play time on a large blanket rolled out on the living room floor. Cole and Avery are allowed to explore the space on the blanket, but if they get too close to the edge, or if they make their way to the carpet, we scoot them back toward the center. We place all sorts of toys on the blanket, but eventually, Cole somehow corrals all of the toys so that Avery has none. It’s kind of funny, but also pretty uncool. Now, this kind of behavior could stem from a predisposition which am responsible for. I love(d) collecting things: baseball cards, comic books, shoes, unrequited lovers. But, it is possible that this behavior can be traced to Lynnette, who is a hoarder. It should be noted that Madison  – at 8-years old – is already a hoarder who struggles physically and emotionally with the simple act of throwing things away.

It’s probably Lynnette’s fault.


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